Conscious Grieving: Processing Grief and Loss

Life moves in seasons and cycles.

We see it in the phases of the moon, the turning of leaves in autumn, and in the cycle of death and rebirth present to us in barren, leafless landscapes of winter, and fresh new buds of flowers in springtime.

This is our human cycle too, as we journey through life’s many stages and milestones…birth, crawling, first steps, first day of school, high school graduation, falling in love, marriage, children, grandchildren, and eventually getting older and passing on.

So, how do we cope with the loss of someone dear to us, or perhaps a fear of dying?

How can we move beyond the pain and find joy, purpose, and meaning again?

Most of us are pain and conflict avoidant.

We don’t want to hurt or cry; we don’t want to feel the emptiness and longing that significant loss leaves behind.

But is avoidance really a way out or a way forward? Whatever we fear or dread doesn’t go away if we don’t look at it.

However, if, one foot in front of the other, we move into our fear, or grief, or loss, we will ultimately move through it, better people for the experience.

At times, emotions threaten to consume us, but awareness, tears, and connection with those heavy aspects of our experiences will give us just the opposite–insight, release, and hope that we can move forward and thrive again.

If you are dealing with grief, you don’t have to walk through it alone.

Therapy and coaching can be great resources that can help you find your way again.

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